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  • Coin Picking

    Coin Picking is a fun and challenging game. Your mission is to collect as many coins as possible. It's very good for testing your reflexes and focus...
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  • UFO In The City

    Make the UFO fly and avoid building. Keep going untill you beat your previous record. This is the best funny game to compete your friends...
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  • Falling Star

    Collect as many stars as possible. Tap the Falling Star as fast as you can. More challenging with Arcade and Classic game mode. Easier with kid mode...
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  • World Cup Ball Falling

    Collect world cup balls
    - Bazuca (Word cup 2014)
    - Jabulani (Word cup 2010)
    - Teamgeist (Word cup 2006)
    - And classic ball
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  • Tap the Eggs

    An amazing egg game. When you break the egg, remember catch the cute duck :D. 20 different colorful eggs and entertaining eggs. Try to break them all.
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  • Protect Island

    Your mission is protect Spratly and Paracel Islands, destroy any boats and ships of China moving illegal into an exclusive economic zone of Vietnam.
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  • Math and fish

    MATH never been fun and exciting than that. Your mission is solving its calculations on the fish quickly and correctly. Time is your enemies.
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  • "Life is more fun if you play games."

    -Roald Dahl-

    World Cup Balls Falling: New Fun and Addictive Android Game Now Available in Google Play Store
    A new fun and addictive android game was recently released online and is now available for download at Google Play Store. Gamers and World Cup fans can enjoy playing this new game in their Android devices.
    Game menu
    World Cup Balls Falling will test players’ speed in catching as many balls that are falling on their screen. It is a very ideal game to play to pass the time as well as get through the day. Players’ mission is just to tap as many balls as they can. They can collect different world cup balls including Jabulani of World Cup 2010, Teamgeist of World Cup 2006 and Bacuza of World Cup 2014. They can also collect classic ball.
     Arcade mode
    To date, there are different ball games that are being introduced in the market. World Cup Balls Falling is a new ball game inspired by World Cup with its world cup balls as the main feature of the game. It is very much different from other on screen ball games as it is very simple and easy to play.

    Classic mode
    World Cup Balls Falling is an arcade game that everyone can enjoy playing. People at all walks of life can play this game. This is not just for kids but also for adults who want to pass their time throughout the day. Players can beat their own score and compare their skills to other players like friends. This can help them determine who is the fastest among their friends that can get many balls falling. The game is very much easy to play. With just a single tap on their Android device, they can start playing.

    Players can also get familiar with different world cup balls through playing the game. The game is also free to download in any android device. It comes with nice audio and graphics which makes it wonderful to play. It is also best for kids as it helps test their speed and skills in catching falling balls on the screen. The new ball game was just launched last June 15, 2014 and already had lots of downloads and positive feedbacks from players. Aside from Google Play, it is also available on Android store.

    Video Gameplay
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